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My work in process, Jinn You Sin, is a fun, humorous story of a “poor imitation of a Jinn” (Michael’s words, not mine) who would do anything to be free. Then he meets Felicity, who knocks his world sideways. Suddenly freedom isn’t as important as protecting her from those who want control of the genie. But it isn’t Michael they are after–Felicity has the power to summon him and the power to command him. Michael quickly realizes Felicity not only owns his magic, but also his heart.

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Without warning, Michael Donovan’s body dissolved. Seconds later, he rematerialized and did an inventory—head, arms, legs, dick. He breathed a sigh of relief. A thousand successful transports and he still didn’t trust all his parts would make it. At least he had clothes on this time.

Even though he was a poor imitation of a Jinn, Michael had a job to do—please the client, put on a show, grant their wish. Fulfillment failure brought on The Master’s wrath. When that happened, The Master had a tendency to lop off body parts, hands being his favorite. He rubbed his right wrist. He had totally freaked out the first time The Master punished him. He hadn’t known the effects of the waiting room would allow his hand to grow back. The regeneration process hurt like a sonovabitch, but he’d take the risk again if freedom from The Master were the result.

Show time. “I am the great and magnificent Jinn,” Michael boomed, “of the, ah…” A trail of blue smoke led to a pristine vacuum cleaner tucked into a corner. You have got to be kidding me. Why couldn’t it be a lamp or a bottle? How would he impress his summoner when he came out of a thing best known for its suction? He readied his best Oz voice. “Of the Hoover Upright.” He struck a pose, fists on his hips and feet spread wide. Suck it, Aladdin. “Your wish is my command.” He held his pose, stared at nothing in particular, and waited.

And waited.

“Oh, come on, you must know what you want.” He relaxed his stance. “Just spit it out and…”

And no one was there. He lifted a brow. That’s a first.

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8 thoughts on “Paranormal Love Wednesday’s Blog Hop”

  1. I liked this excerpt, Jodi. Michael seems like someone I’d really enjoy reading about…I’d definitely like to see this when it’s done.

    I review books for Shiny Book Review (as well as writing my own), so if you keep me in mind when the time comes, I’d appreciate it!

    1. Thanks. Michael is easy to love, once you get to know him. He meets his match in Felicity – she is a hoot. I’ll keep you and Shiny Book Review in mind when Jinn comes out.

    1. Thanks. I hope to have this out by early 2016. Earlier if Michael helps a little with some magic.

    1. The book is not your typical genie in a bottle story. Glad you like the excerpt.

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