Canine Cancer

Canine Cancer – tell me you don’t know anyone who hasn’t had heartbreak because of this disease.

The New England Agility Community’s Fundraising Page is collecting auction items for the upcoming 2016 online auction to benefit NCCF (National Canine Cancer Fund)

How can you help?

I know many of you have creative talents and skills that can help raise some funds for the National Canine Cancer Foundation. Pet beds, jewelry, tug toys, gift certificates — these are just some of the things you could make or donate to help make our auction a success.

Many of you own or know people who own businesses that would benefit from the free exposure to the canine community that the auction will provide. Spread the word!

Last year our auction raised FIVE GRAND. With your help this year, we can beat that number.

The online auction will start in June (2016) — we need your donated items NOW. Does it have to dog related? No, we may own dogs but we love to shop for everything.

Please consider donating auction items to this important cause. If you have something to donate, or have any ideas or questions, please send an email to: [email protected]


I’ve lost two close friends to canine cancer. I miss Kira (Golden) and Chilly (Eskie) every day.

Together, we are the cure.