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Jinn You Sin – coming soon.

Michael Donovan was human, right up until he seduced the wrong woman  and her Jinn daddy took exception. Now he is a Jinn slave.  When his latest summoner has no idea what to wish for he sees an opportunity to gain his freedom.

Felicity Sheridan let the genie out of the bottle,  or in this case, her vacuum cleaner. Now she has thirty-days to come up with a carefully worded wish while following the rules of the contract –the gorgeous Jinn must stay with her at all times. Able to take out the trash with just a thought, he is handy to have around. And really, what could go wrong when you have a handsome Jinn living with you?

Soon they find themselves trying to keep one step ahead of those who want control of the genie. But it isn’t Michael they are after–Felicity has the power to summon him and the power to command him. Michael quickly realizes Felicity not only owns his magic, but also his heart.

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