Page post not on your subscriber’s Facebook timeline?

You’ve written a brilliant post for your Facebook page. You have hundreds of likes but your reach is only a few people.


You have liked a bunch of pages over the years. Your news feed kept you informed with those posts on a regular basis but now, for some reason, you never see any of them.

When was the last time you saw posts from your favorite pages? Like me, you may have thought they haven’t written anything in a while. It has been so long, you may have forgotten about those pages you liked.

Facebook has changed its algorithms so that only a few people out of the hundreds that have liked a page actually see a post on their timeline.

For example: PAWS has 273 page likes. The most recent post listing titles earned at the New England Regional has reached 15 people. The one prior, thanking everyone, reached 85 people.

Jodi Hale Books has 25 page likes. My post on Canine Cancer reached 5 people.   🙁

Why don’t they show on your timeline?

The answer is simple – money. Pages are generally owned and managed by businesses. Facebook wants those businesses to pay them to boost the post onto the timelines. A post will bring $$ to the business so Facebook wants a small fee ($5 for each boost).

How do we get around this?

Page members can share the posts on their own timelines to reach people. This works pretty well for PAWS since there are four people sharing those posts immediately after they have been written. But that solution is hit or miss. Many pages only have one person behind it. The more people who interact with a post and the page itself, the more Facebook will think it is important enough to let others know about it.

Here’s a better way.

How to see page posts on your news feed
How to see all page posts on your news feed

Under the Liked button, click See First. Now any posts will filter to the top of your newsfeed and you’ll be sure to see them.




pagesfeedGive it a try. You can find your pages feed under Pages on the left side of your Facebook news feed.  On your feed you’ll see posts from all your liked pages. Pick a favorite page and set it to Like First.  I recommend Jodi Hale Books 😉

I hope you find this post useful. How many people are seeing your page posts? Were you able to convert some of those likes to See First?

Jodi Hale